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Congress MLA Suresh Raje Viral Video Leaked Sparks Outrage Online

Congress MLA Suresh Raje Viral Video Leaked Sparks Outrage Online


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MP Congress MLA Suresh Raje’s Viral Video Leaked Sparks Outrage Online

Hey! How are you? If you are fine, then I’m also fine, just kidding. Today we have some crucial information about the viral video of Congress MLA Suresh Raje. If you want to know more about the video and get the correct information about MP Congress MLA Suresh Raje and his leaked video, then stay with us till the very end for an in-depth understanding.

Congress MLA Suresh Raje – Highlights

Name: Suresh Raje
Born: 18 December 1960
Party: Indian National Congress
Position: Member of the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly since 2020
Suresh Raje Viral Video Link: Click Here

MLA Suresh Raje – A Prominent Figure in Congress

MLA Suresh Raje is a well-known member of the Indian National Congress party. Before joining Congress, he was associated with the BJP. However, due to certain issues, he decided to switch allegiances and became a part of the Congress party. Notably, Raje defeated Imarti Devi, a prominent BJP member, in the political arena.

The Controversial Viral Video of Congress MLA Suresh Raje

Congress MLA Suresh Raje found himself embroiled in controversy when a video went viral, depicting him in an awkward situation with a morphed individual. Raje vehemently denies any involvement in the incident, claiming that the video and accompanying images are fabricated and edited. He asserts that he has done nothing wrong, and someone is conspiring against him, attempting to extort money using the viral video as leverage.

Allegations and Counterclaims

Raje asserts that the video circulating on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and others, is a complete fabrication. He insists that someone is deliberately defaming him and attempting to tarnish his reputation. Raje goes on to explain that he faced threats and negative feedback from individuals within the BJP party, which ultimately led him to switch to Congress.

Manipulated Video as a Political Tool

It is widely speculated that the individual responsible for creating the viral video and applying pressure on MLA Suresh Raje might have ties to the BJP party. Raje maintains that this situation was orchestrated to intimidate him and extract a substantial sum of money, approximately 50 lakhs. He expresses confidence in his ability to provide evidence to support his claims.

Relating to the Video

Raje firmly believes that the video editing and subsequent dissemination across various social media platforms were orchestrated by someone with ulterior motives. He emphasizes that his purpose in public life is to improve the state of Madhya Pradesh and assist others. However, certain groups within BJP, unhappy with his political transition, have resorted to such tactics to discredit him.

What Did Congress MLA Suresh Raje Say in the Viral Video?

If you regularly follow the news, you might be familiar with Congress MLA Suresh Raje, currently a member of the Congress party. Raje left the BJP party due to internal issues and problems. Consequently, he faced backlash from both the public and party members. Raje believes this animosity towards him is the primary reason behind the creation of the viral video. He suggests that a member of a rival political party purposely edited the video to portray him in a negative light.

Raje has vowed to provide evidence and reveal the identities of those individuals who attempted to extort money from him. If you have found this information relevant and informative, feel free to follow and comment below. We’d like to know your opinion – do you think he is lying or telling the truth?


Q: What is the current political party affiliation of MLA Suresh Raje?

A: MLA Suresh Raje is currently affiliated with the Indian National Congress party.

Q: Has MLA Suresh Raje ever been associated with the BJP?

A: Yes, before joining Congress, Suresh Raje was associated with the BJP.

Q: What is the alleged reason behind the creation of the viral video?

A: The viral video was allegedly created to defame MLA Suresh Raje and extract money from him.

Q: Is there any evidence to support Raje’s claims?

A: MLA Suresh Raje has expressed confidence in his ability to provide evidence substantiating his claims.

Q: What is Raje’s stance on the video and its authenticity?

A: Raje firmly maintains that the video is edited and fake, with someone attempting to manipulate and harm his reputation.


The leaked viral video involving Congress MLA Suresh Raje has sparked outrage online and raised questions about its authenticity. Raje vehemently denies any wrongdoing and asserts that the video is manipulated and part of a larger conspiracy against him. As the controversy unfolds, it remains to be seen how the situation will develop and whether any concrete evidence will emerge to support the claims made by both Raje and his detractors.


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