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Dr. Drew Pinsky reveals results of Tom Sandoval’s narcissism test

In a recent episode of the “Everybody Loves Tom” podcast, Dr. Drew Pinsky revealed the results of Tom Sandoval’s narcissism test, putting to rest the claims made by his “Vanderpump Rules” co-stars and fans. Despite the accusations, Sandoval passed the test with flying colors, scoring very low on narcissistic traits. Dr. Pinsky emphasized that having certain traits does not necessarily indicate a disorder and encouraged people to be less judgmental. This revelation sheds light on Sandoval’s true character and challenges the public scrutiny he has faced.

Tom Sandoval’s Narcissism Test Results

Tom Sandoval recently underwent a narcissism test, and the results may surprise you. Dr. Drew Pinsky, a renowned expert in internal and addiction medicine, appeared on the “Everybody Loves Tom” podcast to reveal the findings. Contrary to what some of his “Vanderpump Rules” co-stars and fans may believe, Sandoval does not appear to be a narcissist.

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Dr. Drew Pinsky’s Evaluation

During the podcast, Dr. Drew Pinsky shared his evaluation of Sandoval’s narcissism test results. He emphasized that the test measures narcissistic traits rather than diagnosing a disorder. Pinsky commended Sandoval for scoring very low on the test, with the only slight elevation being in the area of vanity. However, Pinsky clarified that vanity is neither good nor bad, but rather a natural interest in one’s appearance.

Narcissistic Traits and the NPI Test

According to Psychology Today, narcissistic traits encompass a hunger for appreciation, a desire to be the center of attention, and an expectation of special treatment. The Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI) is commonly used to measure these traits. Scores on the NPI range from zero to 40, with the average individual falling in the low to mid-teens. While the specific test taken by Sandoval was not disclosed, it is evident that he does not exhibit significant narcissistic traits.

Sandoval’s Low Score and Vanity

Dr. Drew Pinsky highlighted Sandoval’s remarkably low score on the narcissism test, stating that he is one of the lowest-scoring individuals he has seen. The only area where Sandoval showed a slight elevation was in vanity, which Pinsky playfully attributed to his attention to appearance, such as his painted fingernails. It is important to note that this slight elevation in vanity does not indicate a narcissistic personality.

Understanding Traits and Avoiding Judgment

Dr. Drew Pinsky emphasized the importance of understanding and avoiding judgment when it comes to personality traits. He discouraged pejorative and judgmental attitudes towards traits, as they serve adaptive purposes in certain situations. It is crucial to recognize that individuals possess traits for various reasons, and these traits should not be automatically labeled as negative or positive. By fostering a deeper understanding of traits, we can promote empathy and acceptance in our interactions with others.

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Sandoval’s Personal Life and Public Scrutiny

Tom Sandoval’s personal life has been subject to intense public scrutiny, particularly in relation to his romantic relationships. One notable incident that garnered significant attention was his infidelity towards his longtime girlfriend, Ariana Madix. The revelation of his affair with their co-star and close friend, Raquel Leviss, caused a great deal of controversy and speculation.

Infidelity and Relationship with Ariana Madix

The news of Tom Sandoval’s infidelity towards Ariana Madix sent shockwaves through the media and their fanbase. The couple, who had been together for a considerable amount of time, faced a challenging period as they navigated the aftermath of the affair. While the affair and subsequent romance between Sandoval and Leviss have since ended, the public scrutiny surrounding their actions continues to linger.

Continued Public Scrutiny and Fame

Despite the passage of time, Tom Sandoval remains a prominent figure in the public eye. His involvement in the reality show “Vanderpump Rules” has solidified his fame and ensured that he remains a household name. The public scrutiny that Sandoval faces is a testament to the enduring interest and fascination that people have with his personal life. As a result, he continues to navigate the challenges of fame and the constant attention that comes with it.

In conclusion, Dr. Drew Pinsky’s assessment reveals that Tom Sandoval does not appear to be a narcissist. Sandoval passed the narcissism test with flying colors, scoring very low on narcissistic traits. While he did show a slight inclination towards vanity, Pinsky emphasized that this is neither good nor bad. It is important to remember that traits are adaptive in certain situations and should not be judged pejoratively. Despite the public scrutiny surrounding his past affair, Sandoval’s results suggest that he does not possess the typical characteristics of a narcissist.

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