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Kim Kardashian trying to ‘suck up’ to Taylor Swift

In a recent episode of his “BFFs” podcast, Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, criticized Kim Kardashian for her Instagram Story featuring a Taylor Swift song. Portnoy called Kardashian a “suck-up” and urged her to stop playing Swift’s music. This comes after Portnoy became a fan of Swift following Kardashian’s edited version of the infamous phone call between Swift and Kanye West. Portnoy also referenced the past feud between Swift and Kardashian, expressing his support for Swift and calling Kardashian “dead” to him and Swift’s fans. The comments on Portnoy’s podcast clip largely sided with Swift and criticized Kardashian for not publicly apologizing for her actions.

Dave Portnoy Calls Kim Kardashian a “Suck-Up” for Posting Taylor Swift Song

Dave Portnoy recently expressed his disapproval of Kim Kardashian’s Instagram Story featuring a Taylor Swift song, labeling her a “suck-up.” During an episode of his “BFFs” podcast, the Barstool Sports founder and self-proclaimed Swiftie shared his thoughts on the eyebrow-raising social media upload. Portnoy criticized Kardashian for what he perceived as excessive attempts to gain favor with Swift, stating, “I’ve never seen anybody try to suck up like she is to Taylor Swift.”

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Portnoy’s Criticism on “BFFs” Podcast

During the podcast episode, Portnoy didn’t hold back in expressing his disappointment with Kardashian’s actions. He went on to say, “You’re dead to us,” referring to Swift’s loyal fan base. Portnoy even suggested that Kardashian should refrain from playing Swift’s music and prevent her children from listening to it. His strong words reflected his belief that Kardashian’s previous actions, particularly her involvement in editing footage of Swift’s phone call with Kanye West, were deceitful and caused harm to the pop star.

Recalling Kardashian’s Past Feud with Swift

The feud between Kardashian and Swift dates back to Kanye West’s 2016 song “Famous,” where he controversially referenced Swift. Kardashian claimed that Swift had given her approval for the lyrics, while Swift vehemently denied it. Portnoy made sure to remind his audience of this contentious history, stating, “We all remember what you did with Kanye when you edited the footage and tried to make Taylor seem like a crazy liar.” He emphasized that Swift had faced significant backlash and even went into hiding for a year due to the actions of Kardashian and West. Portnoy’s criticism of Kardashian serves as a reminder of the unresolved tension between the two celebrities.

Portnoy’s Message to Kardashian

Dave Portnoy has a clear message for Kim Kardashian: stop trying to gain favor with Taylor Swift. In a recent podcast episode of “BFFs,” Portnoy expressed his disapproval of Kardashian’s actions, labeling her a “suck-up.” He believes that Kardashian’s attempts to align herself with Swift are excessive and insincere.

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Stop Playing Swift’s Music

Portnoy went a step further in his criticism, urging Kardashian to stop playing Swift’s music and to prevent her children from listening to it. He believes that if Kardashian truly wants to show her support for Swift, she should refrain from using her music as a tool for self-promotion. Portnoy’s strong words reflect his belief that Kardashian’s actions are disingenuous and disrespectful to Swift and her fans.

Reminding Kardashian of Her Actions

Portnoy didn’t shy away from reminding Kardashian of her past actions that caused controversy and harm to Taylor Swift. He specifically mentioned the incident where Kardashian edited footage of Swift’s phone call with Kanye West, attempting to portray Swift as a liar. Portnoy emphasized that Swift faced significant backlash and even went into hiding for a year as a result of Kardashian’s actions. By bringing up this history, Portnoy aims to hold Kardashian accountable for her past behavior and to shed light on the unresolved tension between the two celebrities.

Public Reaction to Portnoy’s Comments

Dave Portnoy’s recent comments about Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift have sparked a strong reaction from the public. People have been quick to share their opinions on social media, expressing both support for Portnoy and Swift, as well as disbelief at Kardashian’s actions.

Support for Portnoy and Swift

Many individuals have rallied behind Portnoy, applauding him for speaking out against Kardashian’s behavior. They appreciate his candidness and his defense of Swift, who they believe has been unfairly treated in the past. People have expressed their agreement with Portnoy’s criticism of Kardashian’s attempts to gain favor with Swift, seeing it as insincere and opportunistic.

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Disbelief at Kardashian’s Lack of Apology

One common sentiment among the public is disbelief that Kardashian has never publicly apologized or acknowledged her past actions towards Swift. People find it astonishing that she has not taken responsibility for her role in the controversy surrounding the edited footage of Swift’s phone call with Kanye West. Many believe that a public apology from Kardashian is long overdue and necessary for any reconciliation to take place.

In conclusion, Dave Portnoy criticized Kim Kardashian for her recent Instagram Story featuring a Taylor Swift song, calling her a “suck-up.” Portnoy, a self-proclaimed Swiftie, expressed his disappointment in Kardashian’s actions and reminded her of their past feud. He urged her to stop playing Swift’s music and to apologize for her previous actions. The response to Portnoy’s comments was largely supportive, with many agreeing that Kardashian should apologize for her past behavior. This incident highlights the ongoing tension between the two celebrities and raises questions about the sincerity of Kardashian’s recent actions. Ultimately, it seems that Portnoy’s criticism has struck a chord with fans who are eager for Kardashian to take responsibility for her past actions.

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