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Luis Rubiales kiss leaked video on twitter, Spanish soccer player says – MRandom News

Luis Rubiales kiss leaked video on twitter, Spanish soccer player says – MRandom News

The Controversy Surrounding the Spanish FA President and Jeanne Hermoso

The president of the embattled Spanish FA, Luis Rubiales, found himself at the center of a controversy when he kissed women’s footballer Jeanne Hermoso on the lips during a celebration. While Rubiales claimed that the kiss was consensual, Hermoso vehemently denied this assertion. The incident has sparked a major upheaval within the Spanish football community, with all 22 of Hermoso’s fellow world champions and 58 other Spanish players declaring that they will no longer play for Spain unless Rubiales resigns.

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Refusal to Resign and Impeachment Threats

Despite mounting pressure and calls for his resignation, Rubiales adamantly refused to step down from his position as the president of the Spanish Football Federation. During an emergency FA meeting in Madrid, Rubiales posed as a victim and declared four times in a row, “I’m not going to resign,” which received applause from the predominantly male audience. Facing the possibility of impeachment, Rubiales stood his ground and portrayed himself as the target of a “fake feminist” witch hunt.

The Backlash and Calls for Resignation

Rubiales’ behavior has drawn widespread criticism from various quarters. Following Spain’s victory in the Women’s World Cup, the president of the country’s National Football Association, Luis Rubiales, faced backlash for his inappropriate conduct during the celebratory moments. The Spanish government, football circles, the players’ union, Spain’s women’s players, and even some members of the men’s team all called for Rubiales to step down. The incident marred the title celebrations and garnered international attention.

A Resignation that Never Came

Amidst rumors of his impending resignation, Rubiales surprised everyone by announcing that he would not be stepping down. He claimed to be the victim of a targeted campaign and referred to it as a “fake feminist” witch hunt. While Rubiales defiantly held his ground, several members of the Spanish Football Federation, including vice-president Rafael del Amo, resigned and openly called for Rubiales’ resignation. However, Rubiales did not gain public support in Spain, as parties across the political spectrum expressed their opposition to him.

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The Controversial Kiss

Rubiales, in his attempt to justify the kiss, stated that Hermoso willingly embraced him and agreed to the kiss. He described the gesture as a solemn one and likened it to the affection he shows his own daughters. However, the televised award ceremony did not include Rubiales’ initial congratulations to Hermoso. Instead, it showed him planting the kiss while his feet remained firmly on the ground.

The Fallout and Resignations

The controversy surrounding Rubiales continues to have a significant impact on the Spanish Football Federation. Alongside del Amo, at least two other federation members, including prominent figures like women’s national team coach Jorge Verda and men’s national team coach Luis de la Fuente, announced their resignations. Rubiales’ refusal to step down has created a rift within the federation, with public support eluding him from both sides of the political spectrum in Spain.


The controversy surrounding the Spanish FA president, Luis Rubiales, and his kiss with Jeanne Hermoso has led to a major crisis within the Spanish Football Federation. Rubiales’ refusal to resign despite calls from players, coaches, and the public has only intensified the situation. The fallout from this incident highlights the importance of accountability, respect, and appropriate behavior within the world of sports.


FAQ: Can Rubiales’s refusal to resign lead to further consequences?

Yes, Rubiales’s refusal to resign can have serious consequences for both him and the Spanish Football Federation. It can lead to a loss of trust, divisions within the federation, and potential legal actions against him.

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FAQ: How has this controversy affected the players involved?

The controversy has caused a rift between Rubiales and the players, with many refusing to represent Spain as long as Rubiales remains in his position. It has also brought unwanted attention and scrutiny to Jeanne Hermoso.

FAQ: What impact has this controversy had on the reputation of Spanish football?

The controversy has tarnished the reputation of Spanish football, highlighting the inappropriate behavior of its president and resulting in a loss of credibility and respect on an international scale.

FAQ: Is there a possibility of a change in leadership within the Spanish Football Federation?

Yes, with the resignations of key figures within the federation, there is a possibility of a leadership change. However, it ultimately depends on the actions and decisions of the relevant stakeholders.


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