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Did You Catch These Easter Eggs in Miley Cyrus’s “Used to Be Young” Music Video?

Did You Catch These Easter Eggs in Miley Cyrus’s “Used to Be Young” Music Video?

Miley Cyrus’s “Used to Be Young” Music Video: A Journey of Reflection and Growth

Miley Cyrus’s latest music video for “Used to Be Young” has captivated fans with its emotional depth and personal lyrics. Released on Aug. 25, the visual showcases Cyrus’s vulnerability as she reflects on the public scrutiny she has faced over the years. In this ballad, she specifically addresses her transition from a beloved teen idol on Disney Channel to an adult pop star in her early 20s.

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The Controversial Transformation

After bidding farewell to her iconic role as “Hannah Montana” in 2011, Cyrus caused quite a stir among the media and her fans. Shedding her innocent image, she embraced a more provocative style and released music that delved into themes of sexuality and drugs. This wild party girl persona earned her both criticism and adoration. However, Cyrus looks back on this transitional time of her life with nothing but fondness, choosing to honor her past and celebrate the person she has become.

On Instagram, Cyrus shared her perspective on the song, stating, “This song is about honoring who we’ve been, loving who we are & celebrating who we will become. I feel proud when reflecting on my past and joyful when thinking about the future.”

Nods to Her Career Eras

The music video for “Used to Be Young” is filled with little nods and references to different eras throughout Cyrus’s career. One notable Easter egg is her choice to wear a Mickey Mouse t-shirt, paying homage to her days on Disney Channel. This symbolizes her journey of embracing her past rather than trying to distance herself from it.

Prior to the song’s release, Cyrus also recreated a viral “Hannah Montana” meme in an Instagram video, singing the show’s iconic transition melody. It was her way of bidding farewell to that chapter of her life, acknowledging its significance.

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A Significant Release Date

Aug. 25 holds a special meaning for Cyrus personally and in her career. In 2013, on this very day, she released her hit single “Wrecking Ball,” which was speculated to be about her breakup with ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. The same day, she made headlines with her controversial performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, famously twerking on stage with Robin Thicke. This date marks a pivotal moment in Cyrus’s journey as an artist.

A Reflection of Growth

As the song unfolds, Cyrus acknowledges the changes she has undergone. She sings, “I don’t dress the same. Me and who you say I was yesterday have gone our separate ways… Left my livin’ fast somewhere in the past.” These lyrics are a direct reference to her 2013 “Bangerz” era, where she embraced daring fashion choices, including bodysuits and nipple pasties. Her songs from that time also touched on explicit topics like sex, drugs, and partying.

However, Cyrus emphasizes that despite being labeled “crazy,” she was merely having fun and enjoying her youth. She proudly asserts, “You tell me time has done changed me. That’s fine. I’ve had a good run.” “Used to Be Young” acts as a love letter to her early days as a pop star, highlighting the growth and evolution that have shaped her career.


Miley Cyrus’s “Used to Be Young” music video takes us on a journey of reflection and growth. It’s an introspective exploration of her transition from a teen idol to a confident adult artist. Cyrus embraces her past, cherishing the person she used to be while eagerly anticipating the future. Through her lyrics and visual storytelling, she invites us to join her on this transformative ride. As we witness her career continue to evolve, one thing is certain: Miley Cyrus is here to stay.

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FAQ: What inspired Miley Cyrus to create “Used to Be Young”?

Miley Cyrus was inspired by her personal journey and the challenges she faced in the public eye. “Used to Be Young” is a reflection of her growth and a celebration of her past.

FAQ: Is Miley Cyrus ashamed of her controversial years?

No, Miley Cyrus is not ashamed of her controversial years. She embraces her past self and sees it as an integral part of her evolution as an artist.

FAQ: How has Miley Cyrus’s music evolved over the years?

Miley Cyrus’s music has evolved from sweet and innocent pop to a more bold and mature sound. She experiments with different genres and explores deeper themes in her lyrics.

FAQ: Does Miley Cyrus regret leaving her Disney Channel days behind?

No, Miley Cyrus doesn’t regret leaving her Disney Channel days behind. She appreciates the opportunities it provided but is happy to have moved on to new artistic ventures.

FAQ: What can we expect from Miley Cyrus in the future?

In the future, we can expect Miley Cyrus to continue pushing boundaries and exploring new musical territories. Her versatility and willingness to take risks promise an exciting journey ahead.


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