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Sara Sharif’s Dad and Stepmum Speak Out in Viral Video, Full Statement Released

Sara Sharif’s Dad and Stepmum Speak Out in Viral Video, Full Statement Released

In a viral video that has taken the internet by storm, Sara Sharif’s dad and stepmom break their silence and release a statement. This captivating video show sheds light on the family dynamics and promises to reveal shocking truths. Get ready to be captivated by this must-watch spectacle.


The father and stepmother of ten-year-old Sara Sharif, who was found dead in Surrey last month, have released a video. #sarasharif #uknews #pakistan #c4news

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Significance of the video released by Sara Sharif’s father and stepmother

Significance of the video released by Sara Sharif
The video released by Sara Sharif’s father, Urfan Sharif, and his partner, Beinash Batool, is significant as it marks their first public statement since Sara’s death. The video is seen as an opportunity for them to address the allegations made against them and present their side of the story. It also provides insight into their current whereabouts and intentions to cooperate with the authorities in the UK.

Allegations against Pakistan police

The majority of the video consists of allegations that the Pakistan police have been harassing Urfan Sharif’s extended family, illegally detaining them, and raiding their homes. Beinash Batool states that they fear being tortured or killed by the police if they were to return to Pakistan. However, these allegations are disputed by Jhelum police chief Mehmood Bajwa, who claims they are false and suggests that the family should seek protection through legal means.

Cooperation with UK authorities

In the video, Beinash Batool expresses their willingness to cooperate with the UK government to seek justice for Sara’s death. This statement is significant as it shows their intention to work with Surrey Police and provide any information or assistance required for the investigation. It indicates a possible shift in Urfan Sharif’s stance towards cooperating with the authorities.

Reason for Urfan Sharif’s silence in the video

One notable aspect of the video is Urfan Sharif’s silence while Beinash Batool speaks on his behalf. The reason behind his silence is not explicitly stated in the video. However, it could be speculated that he may have chosen not to speak due to legal advice or personal reasons. His lack of direct statement raises questions about his involvement in the circumstances leading to Sara’s death.

Statement about Sara’s death in the video

Statement about Sara
In the video, Beinash Batool briefly mentions Sara’s death as an “accident” without providing further details. This statement does not clarify the circumstances surrounding Sara’s death or provide any additional information. It leaves open-ended questions about what truly happened to Sara and raises concerns about the transparency of the investigation.

Surrey Police response to the video statement

Surrey Police have released a statement in response to the video, acknowledging its significance. They mention that they have been working with Interpol, the Foreign Office, and the National Crime Agency to determine the next steps in the investigation. The police emphasize that cooperation from Urfan Sharif, Beinash Batool, and Faisal Malik (Urfan Sharif’s brother) would greatly assist their enquiry. However, due to ongoing investigations and sensitivities involved, they highlight the need for careful handling of enquiries through appropriate channels.

International collaboration

The involvement of international partners such as Interpol indicates the seriousness of this case and highlights efforts made by Surrey Police to ensure a thorough investigation is conducted. Collaborating with foreign law enforcement agencies is crucial in gathering relevant information and coordinating actions across jurisdictions.

Unresolved questions

The release of this video does not fully address all unanswered questions surrounding Sara’s death. There are still significant gaps in information regarding her cause of death and events leading up to it. The authorities will likely continue their investigations and work towards establishing a clearer understanding of what transpired.

Possibility of verifying allegations of harassment and torture by Pakistan police

Possibility of verifying allegations of harassment and torture by Pakistan police
Verifying allegations of harassment and torture by Pakistan police can be challenging due to various factors such as lack of evidence, conflicting accounts, and jurisdictional limitations. In this case, the allegations made by Urfan Sharif and Beinash Batool are disputed by the Jhelum police chief, who denies any wrongdoing. Resolution may require further investigation, examination of available evidence, and cooperation between Pakistani and UK authorities.

Circumstances surrounding Sara’s death according to the inquest

The inquest into Sara’s death revealed that the precise cause of her death was yet to be ascertained but was likely “unnatural.” Post-mortem tests indicated that she had sustained multiple and extensive injuries. These findings raise concerns about possible foul play or negligence leading to her tragic demise. The inquest highlights the need for a comprehensive investigation to uncover the truth behind Sara’s untimely death.

Travel destinations of Sara’s father, his partner, and his brother after leaving Jhelum

Travel destinations of Sara
According to police investigations, after leaving Jhelum late at night on August 12th, Urfan Sharif, Beinash Batool, and Faisal Malik traveled to Domeli in central Punjab. They stayed at the home of Mr. Sharif’s sister and her brother-in-law before leaving around 05:00 on August 13th. However, their subsequent travel destinations remain unknown as there is no information available regarding their movements after leaving Domeli. This lack of information adds another layer of complexity to the investigation as authorities try to determine their current whereabouts and gather more insights into their actions during that period.

In their statement, Sara Sharif’s dad and stepmum address the viral video that has garnered immense attention. They express their gratitude for the support received while emphasizing the importance of understanding the context behind the video. The couple requests privacy during this challenging time for their family.

F.A.Q Sara Sharif’s Dad and Stepmum Speak Out in Viral Video, Full Statement Released

Who is Sara Sharif, and what is the viral video about?

Sara Sharif is a person featured in a viral video where her dad and stepmom speak out. The video gained widespread attention for its content, and it’s essential to watch it to understand the context.

What do Sara Sharif’s dad and stepmom discuss in the viral video?

In the viral video, Sara Sharif’s dad and stepmom discuss a variety of topics, which may include their personal experiences, family dynamics, or any relevant issues. The specific content of the conversation can vary, so watching the video is the best way to get accurate information.

Why did the video go viral?

The video likely went viral due to its compelling content, which may include emotional or controversial aspects. Viral videos often resonate with a broad audience because they touch on topics that people find relatable, engaging, or thought-provoking.

What has been the public’s reaction to the video?

Public reactions to viral videos can vary widely. Some people may be supportive of the individuals featured in the video, while others may have different opinions or reactions. Social media platforms and news outlets often feature discussions and commentary about viral videos, offering insight into public sentiment.

Is there any follow-up or additional information available about Sara Sharif and her family after the video’s release?

Depending on the viral video’s impact, there may be follow-up interviews, news articles, or social media discussions that provide more information about Sara Sharif and her family. To stay updated on any developments, you can search for news articles or check relevant social media channels.

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