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Update: Former NFL RB Stevan Ridley Has Shared The Video Of His 40-Yard Dash Against Kevin Hart Where Kevin Ended Up In A Wheelchair

Update: Former NFL RB Stevan Ridley Has Shared The Video Of His 40-Yard Dash Against Kevin Hart Where Kevin Ended Up In A Wheelchair

Kevin Hart’s Hilarious 40-Yard Dash Fail

Yesterday, I wrote a blog post about the comedic mishap that unfolded when Kevin Hart decided to test his speed with a 40-yard dash. Little did he know, a 44-year-old body is not exactly built for such athletic endeavors. In fact, anyone above the age of 30 would probably question the sanity of attempting such a feat. But hey, that’s just Kevin being Kevin.

The Unfortunate Video That Delivered

As I mentioned in my previous post, if the internet has any life left in it, we can expect a video of Kevin Hart’s dash sooner rather than later. And true to form, Stevan Ridley, a benevolent soul, has gifted us with the footage we were all eagerly waiting for.

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Questioning the Rationality

Let’s take a moment to ponder the circumstances here. Kevin Hart, a man with a net worth of millions (or should I say zillions?), decided it was a great idea to engage in a pavement race. It might have been an impromptu decision, but surely there must have been better options available. It’s not like he couldn’t afford a more suitable venue or track. But alas, sometimes the allure of a spontaneous challenge can cloud one’s judgment.

Surprising Display of Athleticism

However, I must admit, Kevin held his own for a brief moment before fate intervened with a pop that echoed through the internet. It’s safe to say that his sprinting days might be over, but the man gave it his all, and we have to respect that. Amidst all the laughter, it’s important to acknowledge his initial burst of speed, even if it was short-lived.

A Rematch on the Horizon?

In my previous post, I mentioned that Stevan Ridley, who Kevin raced against, is no Chris Johnson. But in light of the entertainment value this saga has provided, is it too crazy to hope for a rematch? Picture this: Kevin Hart, fully healed and raring to go, facing off against Ridley once more, but this time on a proper turf or track. That would be the ultimate showdown to put an end to this epic tale of misadventure.

A Speedy Recovery for Kevin

As we eagerly await the possibility of a rematch, the most important thing right now is for Kevin to heal up quickly. Accidents happen, and in the world of comedy, sometimes they bring us the most joy. So here’s to a speedy recovery, Kevin! Get back out there and continue making us laugh, whether it’s on the track or the big screen.

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FAQ: What was the outcome of Kevin Hart’s 40-yard dash?

Kevin Hart’s 40-yard dash ended


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