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WATCH: Kaz Crossley Dubai Video Viral, Here’s What She States After The Arrest

WATCH: Kaz Crossley Dubai Video Viral, Here’s What She States After The Arrest

Who is Kaz Crossley?

Kaz Crossley gained notoriety by participating in Love Island Season 4 in 2018. With Josh Danzel, she earned the third spot in that season. In the ensuing MTV The Challenge competition, Kaz Crossley took part and won each season in a row. After making several TV appearances, she committed her time to helping others and founded Combat Collective with the intention of empowering women.

The Dubai Incident

Kaz Crossley was detained by police on her flight from England to Thailand as a result of an incident that happened in Dubai a few years before. She openly admitted that she used drugs while she was living in Dubai in 2020. At the time, her partner had videotaped her engaging in these illegal activities. He intentionally leaked the incriminating video after their relationship ended a year later with the purpose of harming her reputation in the business world.

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Kaz Crossley’s Arrest and Detention

Here’s what Kaz Crossley stated in a viral video in detail about her arrest, “I was on my way to Thailand, I had an amazing job offer…But I was then detained in Abu Dhabi and kept in custody from Monday to Friday when they released me.” The former Love Island competitor accepted full responsibility and avoided making up anything. She also said, “I wanted to leave, I wanted to go home. I had a flight booked, and I looked at my passport and he’d ripped the page out of my passport.”

Taking Accountability and Staying Calm

Instead of fighting back or not cooperating, Kaz Crossley stayed calm throughout the incident. About that, she said, “I was very accepting of the situation for whatever was going to happen to me because I take full accountability. I did not lie, and I said that was me in the video and I explained the situation. It was a long time ago.” The name of the ex who was behind the whole scenario has not been unveiled by her.


In conclusion, Kaz Crossley’s journey from Love Island to The Challenge has been eventful. However, her recent detainment due to the Dubai incident has shed light on a challenging chapter of her life. Despite the circumstances, Kaz Crossley has taken full accountability for her actions and is determined to move forward. Her commitment to empowering women through Combat Collective remains strong, and she continues to be an inspiration to many.


Q: How did Kaz Crossley gain fame?

A: Kaz Crossley gained fame through her participation in Love Island Season 4 and subsequent appearances on MTV’s The Challenge.

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Q: What is Combat Collective?

A: Combat Collective is an organization founded by Kaz Crossley that aims to empower women.

Q: Why was Kaz Crossley detained in Abu Dhabi?

A: Kaz Crossley was detained in Abu Dhabi due to an incident that occurred in Dubai, where she admitted to using drugs.

Q: How did Kaz Crossley handle the situation?

A: Kaz Crossley stayed calm throughout the incident, took full accountability for her actions, and cooperated with the authorities.

Q: Who leaked the incriminating video of Kaz Crossley?

A: Kaz Crossley’s ex-partner leaked the video with the intention of harming her reputation in the business world.


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