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What Happened to GameFAQs? They Lost Their Lead Moderator

What Happened to GameFAQs: GameFAQs, one of the most popular gaming message boards on the internet, is making headlines again as its long-time admin, SBAllen, steps down from his role. This unexpected change has left fans wondering about the future of the forum and the implications for its ownership. With GameFAQs being a powerful force in the gaming community for almost 30 years, this departure raises questions about what led to this decision and what it means for the forum moving forward. Let’s delve into the details of this surprising announcement.

GameFAQs Moderator SBAllen Steps Down: What Happened to the Forum?

What Happened to GameFAQs? They Lost Their Lead Moderator

GameFAQs, a renowned message board dedicated exclusively to gaming, has recently experienced a significant change that has left its community wondering about the future of the forum. On October 18, 2023, SBAllen, a long-time admin of GameFAQs, announced his decision to step down from his role and part ways with Fandom, the company that owns GameFAQs. This unexpected development has sparked curiosity and concern among fans, who are eager to understand the reasons behind SBAllen’s departure and the potential implications for the forum’s future.


For nearly three decades, GameFAQs has stood as one of the most popular and influential message boards in the gaming community. Despite the evolving landscape of the internet, message boards like GameFAQs continue to hold a significant presence, particularly within certain communities. With its rich history spanning 30 years, GameFAQs has weathered numerous changes and navigated the turbulent waters of the online world. However, a recent announcement has brought GameFAQs back into the spotlight, leaving many curious about the latest turn of events and its impact on the forum.

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The Popularity and History of GameFAQs

GameFAQs has established itself as a beloved and widely recognized gaming message board over the course of its impressive history. With a dedicated focus on all things gaming, GameFAQs has garnered a loyal following and become a go-to destination for gamers seeking information, discussions, and community engagement. Its enduring popularity can be attributed to its commitment to providing a platform that caters specifically to the gaming community’s needs and interests.

GameFAQs as a Gaming Message Board

As one of the most prominent message boards dedicated exclusively to gaming, GameFAQs has played a pivotal role in fostering a sense of community among gamers worldwide. It serves as a virtual hub where gamers can come together to share their experiences, seek advice, and engage in lively discussions about their favorite games. The platform’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive database of game guides and walkthroughs have made it an invaluable resource for both casual and hardcore gamers alike.

Surviving Changes and Upheaval

Throughout its illustrious history, GameFAQs has demonstrated remarkable resilience in the face of constant change and upheaval in the online landscape. The internet has undergone significant transformations since GameFAQs’ inception, with the rise of social media platforms and other forms of online communities. However, GameFAQs has managed to adapt and evolve, maintaining its relevance and appeal to gamers by consistently providing a reliable and engaging platform for discussion and information sharing.

The Latest Change at GameFAQs

GameFAQs, a longstanding and beloved gaming forum, has recently undergone a significant change that has captured the attention of its dedicated community. This change revolves around the departure of SBAllen, a prominent figure and long-time admin of GameFAQs. The announcement of SBAllen’s departure has left many users curious about the implications for the forum and eager to understand the reasons behind this unexpected development.

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Announcement of SBAllen’s Departure

In a surprising turn of events, SBAllen, a respected and influential admin of GameFAQs, recently announced his decision to step down from his role. This announcement, made directly on the forum itself, sent shockwaves through the community. SBAllen’s departure marks the end of an era for GameFAQs, as he has been an integral part of the forum for a remarkable 20 years. Users who have grown accustomed to his presence as an admin are now left wondering about the future direction of the forum without his guidance.

SBAllen’s Reasons for Stepping Down

While SBAllen did not delve into explicit details regarding his decision to step down, he did provide some insight into his thought process. In his message, SBAllen expressed a desire to explore new challenges and pursue different endeavors outside of his role as an admin. After two decades of dedicated service to GameFAQs, he admitted that his passion for the position had waned, prompting him to seek fresh opportunities. Despite stepping down as an admin, SBAllen assured the community that he would remain involved as a moderator and offer his knowledge and support to those continuing to contribute to the forum.

Reactions and Speculations

The announcement of SBAllen’s departure from GameFAQs has reverberated throughout the community, eliciting a range of reactions and sparking speculations about the future of the forum. Users who have grown accustomed to SBAllen’s presence as an admin were taken aback by the news, as his departure marks a significant shift in the dynamics of the community. The void left by his absence has left many wondering about the potential impact on the forum’s overall direction and atmosphere.

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Shockwaves in the GameFAQs Community

The GameFAQs community, which has thrived under SBAllen’s guidance for two decades, is grappling with the news of his departure. Many users have expressed their surprise and sadness, as SBAllen’s contributions have played an instrumental role in shaping the forum’s identity and fostering a sense of camaraderie among its members. The sudden absence of such a prominent figure has undoubtedly left a void that will take time to fill, and users are grappling with the uncertainty of what the future holds for GameFAQs.

Blaming Fandom and Concerns for the Future

Amidst the shock and disappointment, some users have directed their frustration towards Fandom, the company that owns GameFAQs. While SBAllen did not explicitly attribute his departure to any specific reasons, a segment of the community has voiced their concerns and placed blame on Fandom for his decision. This has led to speculation about the potential impact of Fandom’s ownership on the future of GameFAQs. Users are apprehensive about the potential changes that may occur and the potential loss of the unique community and atmosphere that GameFAQs has cultivated over the years.

GameFAQs, one of the most popular gaming message boards, is experiencing a significant change as long-time admin SBAllen steps down from his role and parts ways with Fandom, the company that owns GameFAQs. This announcement has left fans speculating about the future of the forum and Fandom’s ownership. While message boards may not hold the same prominence as before, they remain influential in certain communities. The departure of SBAllen, who has been with GameFAQs for 20 years, has raised concerns among users. Some attribute his decision to Fandom, expressing pessimism about the future of the forum. However, only time will reveal the true impact of this change. Stay tuned for updates on the evolving GameFAQs landscape.

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